Tremendous thanks for countless hours of volunteer labor, sweat, and tears poured into the effort to Recall Gascon. Please continue to check back here for accountability updates as more information becomes available.

Update #4 On Monday, August 16th the LA County Register-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office announced that effort to recall DA George Gascon failed to qualify with only 520,050 signatures verified and falling short of the required 566,857 signatures necessary for a recall election of Gascon to be placed on the ballot. Many questions still remain for which accountability will still be sought. Questions such as-

1) With $8 million raised by the campaign Recall DA George Gascon why were there not 110% the number of signatures collected based off the random sample verification rate to ensure automatic qualification on the ballot? 

2a) Why were the verification efforts not conducted in a manner to ensure a higher verification rate that 72.6%?

2b) What measures were actually taken to reduce duplicate signatures when nearly 44,000 signatures were disqualified for that reason alone? 

2c) Why were there nearly 90,000 unregistered voters who signed the petition? What due diligence was done to ensure signers were registered? More importantly what efforts were taken by Recall DA George Gascon to register those voters which should have been caught in their “pre-verification” process they alleged were taking place?

3) Why was a patently false narrative promoted to question the signature verification process (when even if every mismatched signature had been verified the number of signatures to qualify would have still been significantly short) which only served to give traction and support to Gascon’s claims that  opponents of his are truth deniers?

Update #3 The LA County Registrar of Voters announced that 27,983 of the 35,793 signatures reviewed for verification in the 5% random sample were verified. This is a verification rate 78.18% on the sample which means the entire number of signatures submitted (715,833) will be reviewed for verification. A verification rate on the whole number of signatures submitted of 79.18% is needed for the recall to qualify for the ballot. 

For context purposes the verification rate on the Bonin recall dropped upon full verification to 67% and it failed to qualify for the ballot. On Recall Newsom the initial verification rate reported was 82%. The verification rate upon full signature review was 80.2%. The recall qualified for the ballot, but was unsuccessful in the election.

Update #2 The LA County Registrar of Voters announced a receipt total of 715,833 raw signatures submitted.

A 5% sample will be 35,792 signatures.

If a verification rate on the sample is 87.1% or higher, then the petition for recall will automatically qualify for the ballot.

If a verification rate on the sample is lower than 71.2%, then the petition for recall will automatically fail to qualify for the ballot.

If between 71.2%-87.1% every signature will undergo a review for verification and if 79.2% are verified then the recall will qualify for the ballot.

Update #1 If the LA County Registrar of Voters acknowledges receipt of 717,000 signatures, then an overall verification rate of 79.1% will be needed to meet the qualification threshold of 566,857 signatures. 

First, though, the county officials will take a random sample of 5% of the total number of signatures they received. If 717,000 this will be a sample of 35,850 signatures. From these signatures a verification rate will be determined. Based upon that verification rate the county officials with either: 

1) Automatically certify as qualified if the verification was 87% or higher, as the number submitted would be over 110% the number needed at that verification rate.

2) Automatically disqualify the petition for recall as failing if the verification rate falls below 71% as the number of signatures submitted fell below 90% what would be required to reach 566,857 verified signatures and could not be met at that verification rate.

3) If the verification rate determined with sample taken is between 71% and 87% then the county employees will conduct a complete verification of all signatures submitted to determine if there are indeed 566,857 verified signatures to qualify the recall for the ballot. 

George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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