Why George Gascon needs to be recalled

Disregard for the rule of law

  • Refusal to prosecute crimes
    • Numerous misdemeanors, including resisting arrest are being declined or dismissed
  • Rejection of voters’ will on bail

Dangerous directives on sentencing

  • Sentences that do not fit the crime
    • Rejection of all special enhancement allegations
  • Dismantling of the Gang Prosecution Division
  • Violent 17 year old repeat offenders tried as juveniles
  • Encouraging motions to release any defendant who has served over 15 years in state prison-regardless of the crime committed

Dismissiveness to victims

  • Deputy D.A.s unable to attend parole hearings
  • Insults and ignores pleas by victims

George Gascon refuses to uphold the law and his failure to prosecute crime is endangering Angelenos.

It’s time to stop the Madness!

George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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