Press Release: Recall Gascon Now Launches Initiative to Protect the Kids

Los Angeles, CA – In light of the recent number of crimes committed against children and District Attorney Gascon’s “juvenile” policy that radically and detrimentally overlooks the disproportionate harm to innocent children committed by offending “juveniles,” Recall Gascon Now has launched an initiative to draw attention to harm, hurt, and often hateful actions taken against defenseless kids that has life-altering effects on them. #ProtectTheKids is an initiative that will partner with parents and school officials who see the heightened risk of bullying, sexual assaults, guns, and drugs making their way into and near schools, and threatening children as a result of Gascon not prosecuting most juvenile offenses, special enhancement gun charges, and numerous drug use and paraphernalia crimes.

One such school district that has already acted to take a vote of No Confidence in Gascon, last year, was the Rosemead School District. Rosemead School Board member, John Quintanilla, expressed that, “Rosemead School District took the action of a unanimous vote of No Confidence in Gascon as a step to demonstrate the School Board’s commitment to keeping students, staff, and faculty safe.” A California state law allows for members of the public to put an agenda item onto a school board meeting. As Gascon’s policies continue to endanger kids, the #ProtectTheKids initiative launch will give a voice to parents and school officials looking to ensure their children and students are safe.

In the past weeks, Gascon’s policies have come under additional scrutiny as James Tubbs is facing release, after serving only 2 years and as a result of Gascon’s “juvenile” policy, for the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl. Tubbs was just days shy of his 18th birthday when committing this crime. Those opposed to this release see it as a grave miscarriage of justice that potentially endangers new victims, very likely more children, to this offender.


George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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