Press Release: Beverly Hills City Council Unanimously Votes to Support the Recall of Gascon

Beverly Hills, CA – On Tuesday night, the Beverly Hills City Council voted in a unanimous decision to support the recall effort of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. This vote has come after being one of the first cities, in 2021, that voted No Confidence in Gascon. Since that vote of No Confidence a total of 31 cities have voted No Confidence in Gascon and his policies.

This unprecedented vote to support the recall of Gascon comes as Los Angeles has faced a sweeping crime wave of smash-n-grab robberies and follow home invasion. It also comes as the 2nd attempt to recall Gascon is gearing up to soon have a new petition in circulation to collect the required signatures to place the recall of Gascon on the ballot before Los Angeles County voters. Once approved for circulation, the Recall proponents will have 160 days to collect a number of qualified signatures equal to 10% the registered voters of the county, or approximately 570,000 signatures.

During the public comment portion of the meeting Recall Gascon Now co-chair Mihran Kalaydjian stated that Gascon’s failing were to keep Angelenos safe, particularly those in the Jewish and Armenian communities. Kalaydjian was joined by approximately 80 others pleading with the City Council to support the recall of Gascon.

Beverly Hills Vice Mayor Lili Bosse stressed that without consequences for crime we have “Gotham City.” Her sentiments were shared by others on the council, as well.

George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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