Press Release: Recall Gascon Now Responds to Gascon Propaganda Conference

Los Angeles, CA – Today, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon held a press conference to speak of his accomplishments after being in office for one year. However, there were many listening and watching who questioned those results. Gascon consistently avoided and deflected any criticism by those pointing to the crime wave sweeping the county.

Gascon repeatedly blamed Covid and poverty for any rises in crime that he would acknowledge. Imelda Hernandez, whose son was murdered and who has been actively involved in efforts to see Gascon recalled thought that was ludicrous, especially in response the recent surge of smash-n-grab robberies. She commented, “It’s not like they are robbing Stater Bros. for food.”

A spokesperson for Recall Gascon Now called it a “propaganda conference” that fundamentally went contrary to the real-life experiences of residents living in Los Angeles County. Particularly problematic was the oblivious indifference by Gascon to the public safety concerns being felt by Angelenos when he dismissively stated that Los Angeles was safe.

Gascon also widened the divide of the already strained working relationship with law enforcement when he drew the comparison that responding to the criticism of Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was like “wrestling with a pig.” His attempt to walk back that statement only making the comment worse.

The conference was streamed on the LA DA Office Instagram account and the overwhelming number of comments made during the livestream were negative towards Gascon, his policies, and the statements being made. There were dozens of comments supporting his recall.


Recall Gascon Now remains committed to working towards ensuring that the second-round recall efforts are refiled in a manner that will provide for optimal success in the signature collection effort, to have the recall election make the ballot, and that the recall election will have the best possibility for success.

George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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