Press Release: Recall Gascon Re-serves Notice of Intent on DA Gascon

Los Angeles, CA – Today, outside the Hall of Justice on Temple Street in Los Angeles, a press conference was held to announce the re-serving of a Notice of Intent to recall upon Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. The action came largely in response to rampant rises in crimes including smash-n-grab robberies that many attribute to an emboldened criminal element due to the reduction in prosecution caused by Prop 47; the murders that have resulted from home-follow and home-invasions that included the tragic death of Jacqueline Avant, mother and philanthropist; and concerns surrounding the overall rise of criminal activity including the disproportionate rises in crimes against persons of color and within minority communities.

Criticisms of many policies labeled as “reform,” such as zero-bail, particularly in light of the release of 14 arrested for in the smash-n-grab robberies, are also raising red flags for Angelenos. Many of these concerns are also being attributed to Gascon as a Prop 47 author and outspoken proponent for these measures now being seen to endanger LA County residents and jeopardize public safety for the community. Meanwhile, law enforcement continues to issue warnings to be increasingly vigilant and alert during these times of sweeping crime waves. Yet, many also are voicing frustration as to having their hands tied as to just what can be done when the DA fails to prosecute criminals who are arrested.


Today’s service of the Notice of Intent upon Gascon is only the first step towards relaunching the recall against DA Gascon. Recall Gascon Now remains committed to working towards ensuring that the second round recall efforts are refiled in a manner that will provide for optimal success in the signature collection effort, to have the recall election make the ballot, and that the recall election will have the best possibility for success.

George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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