Press Release: Downey Becomes the 31st City to Vote No Confidence in DA Gascon

Downey, CA – On September 28th, the Downey City Council voted 3-1 (with 1 abstention) to issue a resolution of No Confidence in Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. Mayor Frometa had the item added to the agenda after having received an overwhelming amount of communication from the community on this matter. She was joined by Mayor Pro Tem Pachecho and Councilmember Ashton in casting the three votes in favor of the resolution. The only opposing vote came from Councilmember Trujillo, who until recently had worked for DA Gascon.

At this meeting the comments included statements from family members of victims affected by Gascon’s policies. One family member was Emma Rivas whose son had been killed by murderer with gang affiliation and who had also attempted to kill another son of Rivas present at the time of his brother’s murder.  

Downey became the 31st city in Los Angeles County whose city council has voted No Confidence in Gascon, in addition to Rosemead School District and a few LA City Neighborhood Councils. Downey’s vote of No Confidence is noteworthy in that it marks a city in which the popular vote in the November 2020 election had been won by Gascon, and not Jackie Lacey.

With Downey’s vote, over 35% of cities in the county have now voted No Confidence in the District Attorney over the directives issued upon taking office.  DA Gascon has still refused to attend any of the city council meetings in which this action has arisen for a vote. Additionally, even after so many cities have taken this action, he has been unwilling to change his stance on these controversial policies, perceived perilous by many Angelenos.


George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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