Press Release: Recall Gascon Now to hold Juneteenth Rally Regarding Gascon’s Dangerous Directives

El Dorado Park, CA – On Saturday, June 19th at 11 AM, the committee Stop the Madness: Support Recalling District Attorney Gascon Now in conjunction with Asian Industry B2B, and Blexit will be holding a rally in El Dorado Park highlighting concerns shared by a diverse array of community members over the rising spikes in crime, the effects that Gascon’s directives have on communities of color, and impact felt by victims of crime. 

Speakers scheduled to attend the event include Harriette Reid sharing about spiking crime in Black communities, Bishop Mendez founder of Churches in Action who is sharing about Gascon’s policies endangering all Angelenos, and John McKinney from “Proportional” sharing about the impact Gascon’s policies are having on the District Attorney’s office. Also speaking will be Marc Ang on the importance of racial unity, especially as it relates to transcending the divide to promote public safety, and will be joined by mothers Emma Rivas, Imelda Silva, Sandra Martinez, and Patricia Orona whose children were murdered.

The emphasis of this event is to raise awareness that the very polices DA Gascon alleges to benefit communities of color actually are doing greater harm as experienced by the very members of those neighborhoods. Supporters are encouraging that the law is to be equitably enforced, not selectively enforced with one individual picking and choosing which laws to apply and which crimes to prosecute. History and experience expose that employing such tactics undermines a government rooted and based in rule of law. 


George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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