Stop the Madness Committee Supports Hall of Justice Event for Crime Victims’ Rights Week


Los Angeles County, CA – On Tuesday, April 20th, representatives from crime victims’ groups, law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, and supporters for Recalling DA Gascon Now met on the steps outside the Hall of Justice to commemorate the week dedicated to the rights of crime victims. Conspicuously absent from the tribute was the Los Angeles County District Attorney, George Gascon.

Since taking office DA Gascon’s relationship with crime victims has been strained to say the least. Lately, he has just taken to avoiding them. This is not terribly surprising, nor is it the first time in Gascon’s short tenure in office as the LA County DA, that he is acting contrary to the will of the people. In his first days in office, he issued directives eliminating cash bail for all but the most violent offenders, which Angelenos had supported reinstating by 9 points in the last election. In addition, he has refused to prosecute special enhancements, abandoning prosecution of at least a half a dozen of quality-of-life crimes and misdemeanors, and only allowing for the most narrowly construed exceptions for hate crimes. This coming at a time where hate crimes against Asians and other minorities have been spiking.

Today’s event marked a continue expression of opposition to the alleged reforms, by Gascon, that has been loudly voiced by crime victims’ advocates group and further championed by committees leading recall efforts. Recall supporters continue to stress that what DA Gascon calls “reform” is really just a disregard for rule of law and absolutely contrary to the stated goals and mission of what the Office of the District Attorney is supposed to do.


George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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