Press Release: Stop the Madness Committee Expands Efforts to Recall District Attorney Gascon

Los Angeles County, CA – On Wednesday, April 7th, the effort to recall the Los Angeles County District Attorney gained additional support with the formation of the committee Stop the Madness: Support Recalling District Attorney Gascon Now. 

The committee formed to expand the existing effort to see George Gascon recalled as the LA County DA.   In the weeks since proponents served DA Gascon with the notice of intent to have him recalled, Gascon has continued to take actions that have further disregarded public safety. Recently, he has dismantled the Hard Core Gang Division and the Major Narcotics Division. Furthermore, he has encouraged motions advocating for the release of every violent criminal that has served at least 15 years, regardless of the crimes or how heinous in nature were the offenses committed.  

Along with having previously eliminated cash bail for all but the most violent offenders, contrary to the will of the people who, in LA County, supported its reinstatement by 9 points in the last election. All in addition to refusing to prosecute special enhancements, abandoning prosecution of at least a half a dozen of quality-of-life crimes and misdemeanors, and only allowing for the most narrowly construed exceptions for hate crimes. This coming at a time where hate crimes against Asians and other minorities have been spiking.

Recall supporters continue to stress that what DA Gascon calls “reform” only serves to disregard the rule of law, does a greater disservice to the minority populations, and is entirely contrary to what constitutes good public safety – thereby failing to fulfill the chief duties of the office of District Attorney.  The committee Stop the Madness: Support Recalling District Attorney Gascon Now has formed to be instrumental in offering a more inclusive approach to the recall efforts, signature gathering, and getting the removal of DA Gascon on the ballot and before the voters.


George Gascon is for criminals — NOT for us

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